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The best connection, comfort and circumvention of prohibitions. Bitstarz received the prestigious “Gambler’s Choice 2018” Award at the AskGamblers Awards 2019.


The casino received the prestigious “Gambler's Choice 2018” Award at the AskGamblers Awards 2019. They shared this award with Bitstarz.List of official online casinos.

Online casino stream

The best way to get acquainted with the features, offers and functionality of an online casino is to register, top up your balance and start playing. But to do this, you need to risk your own money, not knowing what…

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The mobile versions of online casino

Mobile online casino Portable gadgets give users the ability to be online at any time, regardless of location.

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Download online casinos

Download casino Constant access to online games, client programs for playing online casinos.

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Online casino for real money

Online casino for real money Gambling has been known to mankind for several thousand years, so the history of gambling establishments has about the same. Gamblers brought their money here in the days of ancient Greek philosophers. Most places of this type are not captured in the official historical reports, but the fact that they existed can be said with confidence. Playing for real money in casino attracted and attracts players from all walks of life - for example, avid card gamers were Winston Churchill and Fyodor Dostoyevsky, the rural and urban poor also willingly rolled the dice in pubs and bars.

In the 21st century, the majority of those wishing received the access to gambling. Since the place on the World Wide Web is not limited, the Internet has a lot of interactive casinos with a huge range of content. This theme has become particularly relevant for countries where land-based casinos are allowed to open only in certain gambling areas.

The website is created specifically for those who want to navigate the gambling business of online space. We have gathered all the necessary information about interactive casinos, popular slot machines and the latest novelties of the gambling industry.

Online casinos, slot machines

slot macnines The development of computer technologies and the expansion of the Internet coverage area have led to a logical solution - the opening of interactive establishments, which correspond to the present by functionality and visual design. As a result, a large audience, deprived of the opportunity to visit Las Vegas, Atlantic City or Monte Carlo, got the opportunity to play casinos for real money. Staggering visitor statistics have led to new online casinos appearing at an amazing rate. In such a situation, it is difficult for beginners and players with experience to keep track of current trends and profitable offers that appear daily in the world of gambling.

The website is completely dedicated to proven and reliable establishments, where you can twist your favorite slot machines or try your luck at roulette with a guarantee of high returns. For your convenience, we have compiled a detailed catalogue of casinos that deserve attention and inspire confidence. For each position, a detailed overview of the functionality, a description of welcome bonuses and other points of the bonus program, as well as information about the registration procedure and requirements for new clients are presented.Our brand rating of the best interactive establishments providing the fullest range of gaming content deserves the special attention of fans of online casinos.

Here you can meet representatives of the Top 10, read detailed reviews of their functionality and bonus offers, as well as get a link to register and play on the official websites. The rating is formed on the basis of independent opinion of experts of our site, who in practice checked all advertising promises and tested the functional ability of applicants. Promised bonuses, registration stages, ways of replenishment and withdrawal of money, the level of return of slot machines and other declared indicators are thoroughly monitored and presented as is, no cuts. Choosing a casino from the proposed rating, you guarantee yourself the highest probability of winning and a pleasant pastime after the game.

The advantages of interactive casinos

Online casino Playing online casinos for real money has the following advantages in comparison with visiting traditional land-based establishments:
- Accessibility
- anyone over the age of 18 can register on the casino's website, who can play in the future regardless of the location. Not every point of the planet, there is a gambling establishment, for most cities it is a rarity, and in some countries such institutions are absent at all. The Internet is devoid of territorial prejudices;
- Convenience - the game does not need to comply with the dress code, adhere to the rules of conduct and even leave the house. And if you want, you can use the mobile version to log into your account while on the road or just walking on the street;
- High competition - a huge number of interactive casinos for real money games provokes competitors to attract users through bonuses and incentive;
- The ability to play at minimum bets - real casinos impose certain rules on visitors, as there is no point in huge overheads due to the player who came to play for ten bucks a night. There are no such problems online - bets start from one cent depending on the settings of the slot machine;
- A variety of content - online gambling covers all kinds of entertainment that are available to players in real establishments. In addition, new games appear regularly, so there is no shortage of entertainment.

Useful features of our site

features of our site With our help, you will always be aware of the cutting-edge news from the world of online gambling. Authors and experts of the site regularly introduce users the current information about recently opened and long-standing establishments, as well as new games and other aspects of the life of the gambling world. In addition to rating the best online casinos and reviews on their activities, we offer visitors the following sections:
- Up-to-date links to interesting gambling streams;
- Detailed information about the available bonuses, played and unplayed jackpots;
- Information about licenses, their varieties and ways of obtaining;
- Rating and reviews of the best mobile casino services;
- Links to download desktop versions of popular online establishments;
- World gambling news.
We are constantly working to make the site better and constantly offer you top content. All reviews and news about casinos and bonuses are pre-checked in practice to convey to the visitors of the site the most correct information. Only we have a complete database of advanced online casinos open to register new users. Having familiarized with the current reviews and ratings, you will be able to make the right choice in favor of an establishment with guaranteed high quality of services.

Licensed casinos

licensed There is a game for money in casino, and trust money to just anybody is not worth it. This axiom is difficult to argue, especially when it comes to the game in the online space. A global network was a great find for scammers of all stripes, who daily mislead thousands of users. Gambling is already associated with high financial risk to expose itself to additional danger. The website has prepared for you a section which contains comprehensive information on licensed casinos - trusted and reliable services, the legitimacy and legality of the activities of which are certified by international regulators.

The procedure of licensing online casino

Online gambling as well as betting activity, is under the control of the gambling Commissions, which issue licenses to the applicants for the right to conduct interactive gaming. License is a document, confirming that the company received it fully meets the requirements of the Commission and fulfilled the necessary conditions. The absence of such a document threatens the company with prosecution by the authorities. In addition, developers of legal gaming software deny unlicensed casinos the right to use their programs.

Among the requirements that apply to applicants for licenses are:
payment of one-time fee with an annual extension;
mandatory formation of tax reporting and payment of taxes in accordance with the legislation of the country;
confirmation of the reliability and authenticity of the software used;
placing warnings about responsible gaming on the resource pages;
regular audit of the company's activities during the period of validity;
making a security Deposit that guarantees solvency;
financial statements for previous periods;
personal data, copies of documents of persons interested in making a profit.

The set of items in the kit varies depending on the controller, the most popular and reliable of which are the gaming Commission of the following countries and territories:
The Isle of Man;
Alderney (the Channel Islands).

Licensed casinos operate under the strict control of regulators who supervise financial activities, quality of services. However, the presence of an official permit is not the only factor that determines the reputation of the company, as the strictness of the legislation varies depending on the territory under the jurisdiction of which the online casino is located.

How to check possession of a license?

If you decide to choose an online casino for real money gaming, we recommend that you use the presence of registration in one of the reputable gaming commissions as the primary criterion for selection. It is quite easy to make sure of this - information about the possession of a license and the licensor's logo with a link to the official website should be at the bottom of the casino website page.

Be sure to check the clickability of the link, it should redirect you to a page with information about the license issued. Read the contents of the document, check its validity and status. If the resource does not contain information about the licensor, try to ask the support staff about it. Refusal to present a license or evasion of response will mean that the company is acting on illegal grounds.

Finding and studying such information is a tedious process that requires time and certain knowledge necessary to distinguish this document from a fictitious one. The best way not to fall for the bait of scammers is to use the information from this section of our website. Here you can find the best licensed casinos, where you are guaranteed a high quality of service and a wide range of services.

The advantages of licensed casinos

To dispel doubts about the appropriateness of gambling in the official online casino, we provide a list of benefits that a gambler receives using their services:

Gambling in a legal company, the legality of which is under the control of the law;
Availability of official game content connected to the servers of world-famous providers. For the original games and slots there is a single system of random number generation, which is based on the statutory percentage of return;
Guarantee of safety and reliable protection of personal data. Personal information about the user is processed and stored in accordance with the approved agreement, is not used for third-party purposes and is not transferred to third parties;

The possibility to contact the regulator if the casino has made a mistake or deliberately deceives customers in order to get an additional profit. If the complaint is found to be fair, the Commission will oblige the casino to compensate for the damage and impose penalties.