It is generally recognized that blackjack is one of the most popular gambling games in the casino. This intellectual game has experienced many ups and downs over the long history of its existence but has not lost its appeal. In all modern casinos, blackjack will necessarily be represented by at least several tables. This game is attractive to highly intelligent people who love mathematics and analysis. Also, it will not leave indifferent those who simply want to spend a pleasant evening, as well as thrill-seekers.

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Blackjack first appeared in France in the middle of the 19th century, although the history of the game itself and its variations can be traced back almost to the 13th century. The rules were changed, but the general idea remained the same – each card was assigned a certain denomination, the players drew one card, the winner was the one who scored 21 or, in other versions of the game, 31 points. The ancestors of blackjack are Italian baccarat, Spanish “1 and 30”, French vingt-et-un, or 21. In American casinos, blackjack, like many other things, appeared thanks to the passion for this game by numerous immigrants who came from Europe to conquer the new world.

Once in the United States, the game changed somewhat. For example, the original rules dictated that the winner of the bet would be paid 10 to 1 if he had a blackjack in his hands, which was actually called blackjack. And, despite the fact that pragmatic Americans soon abandoned such payments, the game remained forever under this name. This is exactly what blackjack is called these days. Today we can observe this game in many classic gambling establishments, as well as on their online counterparts. This simple but exciting card game, along with roulette and poker, is one of the top games in the gambling world. The rules of modern blackjack are quite simple. There are only seven of them.

Let’s try to summarize them briefly here:

– For the game, from 2 to 8 decks of cards are used simultaneously, each of which has 52 sheets or 4 suits of 13 sheets in each, ranging from two to an ace. All decks are shuffled and are in the “boot”. In the classic version of the game, the suits are not taken into account.

– Initially, all participants are dealt 2 cards, the dealer opens one of the two dealt cards to himself. After analyzing the basic distribution and counting the points, you choose what to do next. You can add, insure, pass, duplicate a bet, or pass a motion.

– The denomination of each card from 2 to 10 is equal to the number of points that it brings to you, the cards of the court give 10 points, and the ace is 1 or 11, depending on how much you need. As a rule, an ace is worth 11 points, but if you have an overkill, then the ace can be counted as one. If you have an ace in your hand and when counting you can use it both as 1 and as 11 points without hitting the bust, then such a hand is called “soft”. If 11 points give you an overkill and you can only count an ace as 1 point, the hand is called “hard”.

– If after the initial deal you have two cards in your hand, giving a total of 21, it can be an ace and any 10-point card, then you have a blackjack combination. You cannot draw more cards in such a situation, and you just wait for the end of the distribution, while the other players continue to play further.

– The main goal of the game is to beat the dealer, and not collect blackjack, as many might think. The player takes 1 card, counts the points, and decides what to do next – stop or get further.

– The sum of cards in your hand must not exceed 21, otherwise, you will lose. The closer the sum of cards is to the coveted number, the more chances of success. Ideally, the best case is to have exactly 21 on hand.

– If after the deal you do not have 21 in your hand, you can continue drawing cards from the boot. You can draw a card, but you do not have to, until the total of points reaches 21. At this stage, the player has the following options: just draw one card or make a double – also draw a card, but with a doubling of the initial bet. In the classic version of the game, double can be used only when your first 2 cards add up to 9.10 or 11 points. An additional opportunity is given to you by the falling out of the first two cards of the same denomination – two kings, two fives, or 10 plus jack. This position is called a split. Then you can double your bet and split your two cards into two hands, drawing each of them separately. You can split several times, usually 3 or 4, depending on the rules of a particular casino.

– The dealer opens his second card only after the deal of additional cards to all players. The dealer must take an additional card until he has collected 17 or more. At this point, the game stops, and the results of the hand-out are summed up.

If you have blackjack, you are given the winnings of three-to-two on the original bet. Moreover, all boxes with such a combination are paid immediately, unless the dealer had 10 or 11 points on the first card. If the dealer also has 21, the game ends in a draw for everyone. Those players who had 21 take their bets, the rest lose them. Also, in the case when the dealer’s first open card is an ace, and the player has “blackjack” in his hands, the dealer must offer the player “equal money” even before the start of a set of cards. You can withdraw your bet and end the game. If you refuse the offer, and the dealer does not collect 21 points on 2 cards, then you have a chance to get a payout of 1.5 to 1.

In the case that the distribution takes place without a blackjack, the players, whose total of cards turns out to be less than the dealer’s, lose their bet. Those, who have the greater amount, withdraw the doubled bet from the bank. The player, whose sum of cards in his hands is equal to the dealer’s sum, ends the game in a draw and simply takes his bet. He doesn’t lose anything, but he doesn’t win either.

It should be remembered that you should be very careful to draw additional cards, as soon as the sum of the points of your cards exceeds 21, you are out of the game. Also, there is the so-called “Insurance”, which the player can use in the case of the dealer’s first open card – Ace, since in this case the dealer has a high chance of getting a blackjack. The cost of insurance is half the bank’s bet. If, after opening the second card, the dealer still has blackjack in his hands, you will receive a double bet.

Blackjack rules provide another opportunity for players to minimize the loss – surrender or refusal to play. Surrender is possible before the start of drawing cards or using a split, but the surrender does not work if the dealer has an ace or 10. If after receiving the first two cards, it seems futile to you to continue the fight, you are allowed to abandon the further game for the loss of half the bet. The rest of the players finish the hand without you. By correctly using all the nuances of the rules at the right time, you can minimize losses and safely wait for a winning card without wasting your entire bank.

The more popular blackjack gained in the world, the more people were trying to develop a strategy or system that would make it possible to consistently win this game. In 1956, Baldwin’s group of mathematicians from the U.S. Armed Forces conducted and presented an analysis of the game based on statistics and probability theory. This approach was later used to form the basic blackjack strategy. A short time later, Ed Thorpe formulated the card-counting theory based on calculating the current probability of a card with a face value of 10 points out of the deck. Oddly enough, but this particular method turned out to be quite effective. Professional players carefully observed and memorized which cards were dealt to the players from the deck. Although the strategy is quite difficult to master, and most importantly, to execute, but it unambiguously increases the chances of winning for an observational player with a good memory.

The casinos struggled with the counters as best they could, because these people could win hundreds of thousands of dollars from the casino in an evening. For a long time, casinos tried to protect themselves from the work of counters, even by illegal methods, as a result of which counters often found themselves in the most dangerous and unpleasant situations. After all, the law could not forbid anyone to count cards, but casinos could not afford to go bankrupt. Legends were told about people who “conquered” blackjack, books were written and films were shot. Now the Association of Gambling Houses brings such people into special filing cabinets and prohibits them from playing in their establishments.



Blackjack in online casino


This card game is both simple and attractive. It always seems easy to win it, you just have to try again! But in general, when starting to play blackjack in an online casino, it should be remembered that this game is always associated with certain risks. It is captivating and addictive. Unfortunately, in our society, there are always people who are not able to control themselves and can lose a lot of money. Always remember that addiction to games undermines not only your financial position, psychological state, but also destroys relationships with loved ones. Therefore, when planning to play blackjack in an online casino, always adhere to the principles of responsible gambling – never play in an annoyed, depressed state or for the last money. And never forget that blackjack is still an exciting pastime, not a way to make money.

Besides, clear planning of your strategy and limiting the amount spent per day, thoughtful calculation and a cool head will protect you from losses and frustrations when playing online casino blackjack. Remember, this is just that rare case when you do not need to rely only on luck. This ancient card game requires a cold mind and skill, although a little luck won’t hurt either. Try to play thoughtfully and discreetly, do not forget to take advantage of the insurance and surrender opportunities, and then the time spent in the online casino playing blackjack will leave only pleasant memories in your memory.

Blackjack is a rather rare card game where it is quite easy to remember the rules and start playing successfully, but at the same time, becoming a master and a professional in blackjack is not at all easy. The results of playing blackjack, unlike many other games found in online casinos, will greatly depend on the use of the right strategy. The strategy and understanding of the logic of the game significantly increase the player’s chances and create many opportunities for winning. That is why professional gamblers almost always choose blackjack. Your score in the game is highly dependent on controlling your emotions. The decision of when to abandon the game, when to stop, and when to move on and raise the bet largely determines the outcome of the game.

СToday, for those wishing to master blackjack and make it their regular entertainment, there is no need to be a celebrity, put on a chic suit, and go to the casino. You don’t have to leave your home at all! There are many legal Internet platforms on the web designed for players of any class. The only difference between an online casino and a regular gaming table is that there you are not served by a live dealer, but by a computer program. You can be sure of its reliability, as well as one hundred percent accuracy and impartiality. Random number generators, which have been independently audited and externally inspected, are used for the issuance of cards.

Quite often, casinos offer an opportunity for beginners to try their hand at a demo version of the blackjack table. By playing on it, you can get comfortable with the interface without having to wager real money. Even if you are new to gambling, you can quickly figure out and master the rules of the game.

What’s nice is that you don’t have to stand in line in an online casino to get a seat at the table. Whenever you want, you just go to the site and start the game. Most modern casinos offer the ability to play not only in the browser but also on the mobile application on the phone.

As already mentioned, the game in an online casino is controlled by a computer program, so don’t even try to count cards. But it will be very useful to take advantage of the advice of professionals and adhere to the chosen strategy of the game. Remember, you are sitting down to play an intellectual card game, this is not slots or roulette, where everything depends on luck. Using a well thought out strategy in blackjack significantly increases your chances of winning.

Particular attention should be paid to the card that the dealer draws. When analyzing cards, it is important to take it into account, and only then decide how you play further. This is actually the main trick of blackjack – taking a card or saying STOP. It is worth recalling once again that the main objective in blackjack is not to gain 21 points. All you need to do is beat the dealer on points. It is this desire to score 21 in total that ruins many novice players. They draw the next card when they have to stop and go over. At the same time, of course, it should be borne in mind that if you do not have enough points to beat the dealer, you will lose. How to count the card dropped by the dealer? If he has a good card with a large face value – 10, ace or picture, he has a high probability of getting a winning combination in the future. And if one trifle came to you, then the decision to get another card will be reasonable. This way you can increase the number of points on your hand. If you see the dealer have small cards, and you have 16 points or higher. You should understand that it will be quite possible to beat the dealer with your card combination.


How blackjack is played in casino?


Today, you can play blackjack in a casino for real money on almost any legal site. However, it should be remembered that in each specific institution, to attract customers, both the rules of the game themselves and the limitation of rates may differ slightly. In addition, beyond classic blackjack, there are many more varieties of the game, where you will see a different use of the principles of precedence of combinations, a different number of cards in the deck or unusual rules for calculating bonus. All these innovations are made to whet the interest of fans to play blackjack in casinos. When you enter a new site, you should always carefully re-read exactly their rules of the blackjack game. Otherwise, even a small difference in the rules can lead to a wrong strategy and loss.

Quite often, the rules of blackjack in a casino are changed to give players more freedom of action, and often such innovations even increase the player’s mathematical advantage against the casino. Try to take advantage of this all the time.

The following variations of the classic casino rules for blackjack are widely used:

  the limitation on double is removed. You can double your bet on any two cards in the deal,

  triple, the possibility of raising the rate after the double together with getting the third card,

  a pair of aces on the hand-out or a gold point. These cards are considered the maximum combination that beats “blackjack”,

– 21 points, consisting of three sevens. 777 are usually awarded in some special way or an unusual prize,

– when an ace and a card weighing 10 points are of the same suit, the combination is called suited blackjack, the winnings are paid 2 to 1.

– 7-card Charlie, when 7 cards are collected on one hand without busting, the player takes the bank. Also, 5 and 6 card Charlie cards can be rewarded separately.

– Often casinos offer increased opportunities and limits for insurance, for example, when the dealer has an ace in his hands, the player can insure without initial restrictions.

To breathe new life into the game and attract more beginners, a wide variety of side bets often appear that are not included in the classic version of blackjack. This could be:

– “suited bonus”, when a player bets that when dealt he will receive two cards of the same suit,

– “High-Low 13”, where the player makes a bet on whether the sum of the cards in the deal equals 13 points, exceeds this value or is less than 13,

– a bet that among the four initially dealt cards to the dealer and the player, there will be two or more aces. Naturally, the more aces, the more winnings. The best bet is called the Aces Jackpot, where four aces of the same suit are dealt.

– Perfect Pair or perfect pair is an additional bet, that the player will receive a pair of identical cards from the deal.

Today you can find many separate varieties of blackjack, the rules of which will differ markedly from each other and the classic version of the game. The rules will always be detailed on the online casino website. They are usually quite simple, and you can learn them in a matter of minutes.

For quite a long time, blackjack tournaments have become a common entertainment in online casinos. Such numerous competitions attract players with the opportunity to win a significant cash prize with minimal investment. On each individual dealing the cards, the player competes only with the dealer, and with the rest of the players, he competes with the overall results of the games in the standings. At the beginning of the tournament, all participants buy the same amount of chips. Moreover, their cost varies depending on the prestige of the tournament. On small weekly games, the entrance fee will cost you several hundred rubles, while at large prestigious competitions it can reach 25 thousand dollars. Blackjack tournaments are most commonly found in two different formats:

– elimination tournament. The game is played in several rounds, the players with the minimum bank are constantly eliminated from the competition. The last remaining player occupying the first line of the table wins.

– time-limited tournament. Each player also has the same number of chips on hand. After the agreed time has passed, the game stops and the winner is the one who at that moment has the maximum number of chips on hand. In such competitions, an additional limit is sometimes imposed for each round, followed by the elimination of losers with a minimum number of chips.



Blackjack in casino